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Type:fermentor BIOSTAT Bplus 10L Twin 230 VSoort:bioreactor
Instelling:KU Leuven, Technology Campus Ghent
Locatie:KU Leuven, Technology Campus Ghent; Process Unit Enzyme and Fermentation technologyContact:Ilse Van de Voorde
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1; 9000 Ghent+32 9 265 86 10

Technische Specificaties
  • Sterilisable stirred tank bioreactors with full process control capabilities (pH, temperature, aeration, dissolved oxygen concentration) for research, process development and scale-up using batch, fed-batch or continuous mode including high-cell density fermentation
  • Profiling of growth through analysis of optical density, dry cell weight, carbon source concentration and cell counting
  • The BIOSTAT Bplus has an integrated Gas Flow Ratio Control, and two integrated mass flow controllers for air and oxygen.
  • It is controlled via DO control loop which allows advanced process control and easy gas balancing.
  • The GFRC strategy enables highest oxygen transfer for high-cell density cultures as well as for sheer stress sensitive gassing for filamentous organisms.
  • It combines two operation modes for advanced gassing control of Air and O2: constant flow: percentage alteration; constant ratio: alteration of flow rates.
  • Digital controller: graphical user interface with color display and touch screen operation; measurement and control for temperature, pH, DO, agitation, foam & level; multi-stage DO cascade control; 2x feed controller per vessel; gas flow ratio controller; level control via level probe; trend display for up to 6 process values
  • Gas flow ratio control gassing system: gas mixing of air and O2; mass-flow controllers for air and O2 controlled via DO controller
  • Pumps: up to 4 integrated pumps per side; configurable to substrate controller; up to 2 external feed pumps per side
  • Temperature system: powerful heater (1 kW); integrated controlled cooling water valve; circulation pump; temperature range 8 °C above cooling water up to 80 °C
  • Agitation system: speed range from 20 up to 2000 rpm
  • UniVessel Culture vessel: Jacketed culture vessel fully equipped with: probes for temperature, DO, pH, foam and level; stirrer shaft with single mechanical seal; Rushton impeller; baffle assembly; aeration tube with ring sparger, sterile filters and exhaust cooler; manual sampler with sampling pipe; removable bottle holder; addition bottles with stainless steel head piece and sterile filters; inoculation/addition port; four-way addition port
  • SCADA Software BioPAT MFCS/DA: online data acquisition; sample data management; export functions
  • Toepassings gebieden
  • Culture of microorganisms
  • Batch, fed batch and continuous culture
  • Small scale cell mass and protein production
  • High-cell density culture
  • Culture of filamentous microorganisms
  • Specific expertise: Production, application and characterization of a wide range of enzymes for the food and feed industry
  • Development of starter cultures for food (cheese, salami, yoghurt, …) and feed correlated aroma and probiotica
  • Production of enzymes (isomerases, cellulases, xylosidases, …) for improvement and development of processes in food and feed industry
  • Production of bio-ethanol including pretreatment of renewable raw materials and pentose and hexose fermentation
  • Microbiological conversion of side streams into value added products
  • Full process development of innovative food ingredients (alternative sweeteners, polyols, …) based on microbiological/bio-catalytic processes, including recovery and purification with high product quality

  • Food Pilot – op site ILVO eenheid Technologie en Voeding – Brusselsesteenweg 370 – 9090 Melle – België – T +32 9 272 30 00 – F +32 9 272 30 01