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Processing bij andere dienstverleners

Type:Fermentor 100 LSoort:bioreactor
Instelling:KU Leuven, Technology Campus Ghent
Locatie:KU Leuven, Technology Campus Ghent; Process Unit Enzyme and Fermentation technologyContact:Ilse Van de Voorde
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1; 9000 Ghent+32 9 265 86 10

Technische Specificaties
  • Jacketed culture vessel fully equipped with: probes for temperature, DO, pH, foam and level
  • Rushton impeller
  • aeration tube with ring sparger, sterile filters and exhaust cooler
  • manual sampler with sampling pipe
  • inoculation/addition port
  • Toepassings gebieden
  • Culture of microorganisms
  • Batch, fed batch and continuous culture
  • Cell mass and protein production
  • High-cell density culture
  • Specific expertise: Production, application and characterization of a wide range of enzymes for the food and feed industry
  • Development of starter cultures for food (cheese, salami, yoghurt, …) and feed correlated aroma and probiotica
  • Production of enzymes (isomerases, cellulases, xylosidases, …) for improvement and development of processes in food and feed industry
  • Production of bio-ethanol including pretreatment of renewable raw materials and pentose and hexose fermentation
  • Microbiological conversion of side streams into value added products
  • Full process development of innovative food ingredients (alternative sweeteners, polyols, …) based on microbiological/bio-catalytic processes, including recovery and purification with high product quality

  • Food Pilot – op site ILVO eenheid Technologie en Voeding – Brusselsesteenweg 370 – 9090 Melle – België – T +32 9 272 30 00 – F +32 9 272 30 01