Heating and cooling | Mixing, blending and homogenising M4E test unit (Magnets for emulsions)


Type: M4E test unit

Technical specifications
• Double-jacketed mixing tank. Volume 85 l.
• Top of mixing tank has agitator, air filter and observation window with light
• Mixing tank is equipped with a return rotating agitator
• Double-jacketed dosing station has a volume of 50 l
• Dosing station has a mass flow meter
• Recirculation line is equipped with a positive pump suitable for viscosities up to 10 000 cP, a magnet-venturi system in DN 25, in by-pass a magnet in DN 32 and a sampling tap
• Temperature regulators on mixing and product tanks
• Agitator on the mixing tank is frequency controlled and protected
• Unit has two frequency-controlled pumps


• Creation of stable emulsions, dispersion of powders without lumps and shear

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