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Type: Van ‘t Riet cheese tank

Technical specifications
• Stainless steel construction
• Usable capacity of 200 l
• Double-jacketed wall for circulation with hot or cold water
• Electrically-driven agitator with variable speeds
• Curd knives and a stir plate
• Built-in digital thermometer
• Temperature can be thermostatically controlled
• Various cheese shapes (round/oval) and sizes (5 kg/2 kg/0.5 kg) are available
• Tiltable and portable
• Brine tanks with a useful capacity of 150 l with an outlet valve on a wheeled chassis are also available
• A ripening room with regulation of temperature and humidity is also available


• Preparation of different types of cheese (Gouda, St-Paulin, Cheddar, Feta,…)

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