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Screening laboratory

  • In the laboratory for antibiotic screening, foodstuffs can be screened using microbiological tests for the presence of inhibitory substances (mainly antibiotics and chemotherapeutics).
  • Foods can also be analysed group specifically using immunological, Charm II and receptor tests for the presence of residues of ß-lactam antibiotics, (penicillins and cephalosporines), tetracyclines, sulfonamides, streptomycines, macrolides & lincosamides, quinolones, chlooramphenicol, etc.
  • In addition, commercial screening tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk, honey, meat, or other food products can be validated according to norm 2002/657/EC of the Commission and the CRL guidelines for the validation of screening methods for residues of veterinary drugs.
  • Contact:
    Wim Reybroeck +32 9 272 30 11
    Sigrid Ooghe +32 9 272 30 12
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Chromatography lab

  • In the chromatographic laboratory, residues of veterinary drugs and contaminants are analyzed in several matrices such as milk, eggs, meat, honey and feed. The analysis technique LC-MS/MS is mainly used.
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  • Contact:
    Els Daeseleire +32 9 272 30 32
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