Heating and cooling | Milling | Mixing, blending and homogenising Mixing, homogenising and emulsifying device (universal)


Type: Stephan UMSK 60

Technical specifications
• Bowl capacity 40 l
• Bowl is tiltable
Bowl is made of stainless steel AISI 316
• Steam heating: indirectly through the double-jacketed wall or directly through steam injection.
• Maximum operating temperature 127 °C
• Cooling via ice water bath
• Vacuum operation possible with over-pressure up to 1.5 bar
• Two hoppers for adding solid or liquid ingredients
• Filling valve
• Parameters (pressure, speed, temperature and time) are adjustable, programmable and recordable
• Several knives and wings are available (for cutting, mixing, emulsifying and homogenising)


• Processing of a variety of food products

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