Heating and cooling | Drying and evaporation multifunctional chamber (air drying, cooking, steaming, smoking)


Type: Gernal DRKBGO-SE-I-1A

Technical specifications
• Chamber frame made of stainless steel type 304
• Chamber interior made of stainless steel type 316
• Chamber accomodates 1 trolley (1mL x 1mW x 2mH) - 2500 l
• Drying, smoking, cooking, baking, grilling (colour), roasting and defrosting
• Heating via steam injection and electric heaters
• Cool shower and humidity control
• Smoke generator using wood chips (type RG2)
• Liquid smoke installation "TARBER" (TG-3000 MD)
• Dewpoint meter (0-250 °C)
• Fullly automated operation possible
• Parameters (temperature, core product temperature, moisture content, pressure, F0, etc.) are adjustable, programmable and recordable
• Reports records (batch) in graph or table form
• Network connection optional
• Dutch-language operating instructions


• Smoking, baking, roasting, grilling, thawing, drying and cooking of various food products

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