Heating and cooling Sterilisation and pasteurisation installation (autoclave - retort, in container)

Food Pilot

Type: JBT AR091

Technical specifications
• Barrel made of stainless steel type AISI 304L
• Processes include steam water spray (static, rotating and shaking), 100% saturated steam and full water immersion
• Capacity: 1 basket (484 x 444 x 325 mm)
• Maximum operating pressure of the unit: 5 bar
• Adjustable rotation speed (1 - 20 rpm)
• Parameters (temperature (based on thermo-couples), pressure, water flow rate, water level, rotating speed, etc.) are adjustable, programmable and can be registered
• Maximum operating temperature: 140 °C


• Sterilisation/pasteurisation of tin cans, pouches/bags, plastic bottles, glass jars and bottles, sealed trays

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