Pilot trials

The Food Pilot has more than 90 food processing pilot devices. Food Pilot operators control the devices, performing the tests (usually) in the presence of the company. Results are owned by the client and are kept confidential. A List of pilot equipment can be downloaded, as well as an addendum with the new protein processing machinery.


Heating and cooling

bain marie; 2 barrels; large

For the fermentation of liquid products, melting of solid high fat products, and the batch heating of products.
Heating and cooling

cooking kettle

For the cooking of various food products.
Milling | Mixing, blending and homogenising

colloid mill (Microcut)

For creating stable emulsions, disperse powders with minor aeration, fine grinding.
Mixing, blending and homogenising


Food Pilot
Solubilisation of difficult to dissolve ingredients
Drying and evaporation


For evaporating moisture from products in a vacuum.