Heating and cooling Sterilisation and pasteurisation installation (UHT, in-line) - Large unit


Type: APV pilot SPP

Technical specifications
• Flow rate adjustable between 80 and 150 l/h. Nominal capacity is 100 l/h
• Pre-heating done via a heat exchanger or tubular system (mono tube) to 65 °C. Adjustable heating temperature.
• Aseptic 2-stage homogeniser, usable before or after sterilisation
• Sterilisation temperatures adjustable (100 °C - 150 °C)
• Direct heating possible (via steam injection or steam infusion)
• Indirect heating possible using hot water under pressure (plate heat exchanger or tubular system (mono tube)).
• Flexible hot holding times. Choice of 3, 6, 15, 30, 60, 180, 240, or 300 sec
• Direct cooling to 65 °C via flash cooler
• Indirect cooling to 65 °C via tubular heat exchanger
• Cooling to filling temperature using tap water or ice water
• Two filling systems possible: Rapak Bag in Box filling system (2 to 30 l) or manual filling
• Viscous liquids (up to 20000 cP at 20 °C) and liquids with solid particles (diameter 10 mm) also treatable. Scraped surface heat exchanger (type VT 422 with 2 heating and 2 cooling cylinders). Hot holding times also adjustable.

• Ultra-high temperature (UHT) heat treatment of liquid food products

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