Protein diversification

We explore alternative protein sources for their application in balanced, tasty, healthy and safe food.

Food Pilot

For the extraction and purification of various protein sources, a seed sorting machine, seed cleaning machine, dehuller, oil press, cell disintegration machinery (Pulsed Electric Field), reaction vessels, centrifuge, decanter, spray dryer, ultrafiltration and other machines can be used.

Further processing is possible using the extruder, 'High Moisture Extrusion' (HME), a press line for feed production, and machinery to prepare dairy/meat analogs.

Further, a fermenter (1-200L) will be bought, for the production of microbial protein and biomass. For the analytical characterisation, Food Pilot invested in MALDI-TOF and NIR.

You can learn more about the technical challenges of High moisture extrusion in this webinar including a demonstration.

Food Pilot

ILVO supports the Green Deal protein shift of the Flemish Governement.