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Food Pilot

Brand: Daniatech; Type: Labmaster

Technical Specifications

  • Process vessel with a useful bowl volume between 50L and 100L
  • Heating with steam in double jacket to maxiumum 120°C, cooling with cool water in the double jacket
  • Variable adjustable overpressure between 2 and maximum 3.6 bar; and underpressure to -0.8 bar
  • Internal mixing system with rotor-stator. Rotation speed between 32 and 3600 rpm adjustable
  • Maximum viscosity: 70 000 cP
  • Scraper agitator present
  • 2 funnels and a vacuum system for sucking in dry ingredients and liquids in the process vessel, under liquid level. Vacuum up to -0.8 bar in the headspace of the vessel
  • Logging of process parameters: all temperatures, pressures, and rotational speeds at any time
  • All machine parts that come into contact with foodstuffs in stainless steel AISI 316L or food-safe plastics


  • A vacuum high shear mixer enables the production of the most difficult preparations, due to a combination of vacuum, high shear, heating, cooking and cooling
  • Suitable for preparing recombined milk, custard, vegetable cream, yoghurt drinks, hummus, chutney, fruit processing, sauces, protein drinks, vegetable dairy analogues, such as almond milk, smoothies, lemonades and concentrates
Food Pilot
Food Pilot

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Food Pilot
Trocknen und Erwärmen von Produkten, unter Vakuum oder anders
Mixing, blending and homogenising


Food Pilot
Auflösen von schwer löslichen Inhaltsstoffen